• Welcome

      Handmade multigrain and sourdough bread, extra virgin olive oil with herbs, Throubes Thassos olives and sundried tomato mousse


    • Agioritiki

      (Charred vegetables on olive wood – eggplant, zucchini, peppers, tomato, extra virgin olive oil and Greek herbs)

    • Beef Tartare

      (Beef tartare fillet with lemongrass, herbs, green olive oil, smoked salt and garlic mayonnaise)

    • Beetroot salad with green sour apple and walnuts

      (Light beetroot salad with low-fat yoghurt, green sour apple and walnuts) (Vegetarian – Gluten free)

    • Bruschetta with prosciutto from Agnus Greco lamb

      (Bruschetta with lamb prosciutto, homemade basil pesto, roasted Manouri cheese, Santorini cherry tomatoes and arugula)

    • Dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves)

      (Dolmadakia with grape leaves, rice and herbs. Served with mint yoghurt sauce)

    • Tabbouleh with black Quinoa

      (Black Quinoa, fresh herbs, onion, tomato and cucumber. Served with pita bread chips) (Vegan – Gluten free)

    • Tzatziki

      (Tzatziki with verbena and carrot) (Vegetarian – Gluten free)

    • Warm Starters

    • Feta Epirus P.D.O. in sesame crust

      (Feta in sesame crust with Cretan thyme honey and black sesame seed) (Vegetarian)

    • Freshly cut French fries

      (Our potatoes are either Naxos, Tripoli or Cyprus and are fried when ordered) (Vegan – Gluten free)

    • Fried zucchini sticks

      (Freshly fried zucchini sticks. Served with tzatziki) (Vegetarian)

    • Grilled Talagani cheese

      (Grilled talagani with marmalade from Santorini cherry tomatoes and poppy seed) (Vegetarian – Gluten free)

    • Lahmajoun

      (Lahmajoun with a mixture of minced meats, onion marmalade and sour yoghurt)

    • Mushroom Fricassee

      (Mushroom fricassee with herbs and fresh lemon juice) (Vegetarian & Vegan)

    • Roasted vegetables

      (Roasted vegetables with caramelized onion confit, parsley and balsamic cream) (Vegan – Gluten free)

    • Traditional Kavurma beef from Thrace

      (Kavurma beef with herbs. Served with eggs and peppers)

    • Trahanoto with Cretan Apaki

      (Trahanoto with Cretan Apaki, feta Epirus P.D.O., capers and beet sprouts)

    • Handmade Pies of the Day

    • Chania Pie

      (lamb and Cretan cheeses)

    • Chicken Pie with Trahana

    • Eggplant Pie

    • Fennel pie

    • Kaisarias

      (Miran pastourma, fresh tomato, kaseri cheese)

    • Soups of the Day

    • Beef soup with …………. Trahana

      (Soup with oxtail, ……….. trahana and garlic bruschetta)

    • Organic cream of Chicken soup

      (Cream of Chicken soup made with Greek organic chicken)

    • Vegetable soup with poached egg

    • Salads

    • Boiled vegetables in season

      (Leafy greens, beets, cauliflower, broccoli, string beans. Served with lime and fleur de sel sauce) (Vegan – Gluten free)

    • Cretan Dakos

      (Cretan Dakos with xinotyri, cherry tomato confit, capers, olives and onion) (Vegetarian)

    • Green salad with beef fillets

      (Green salad with beef fillets, sesame and vinaigrette seasoned with Zaatar)

    • Green salad with French goat cheese log and flower blossoms

      (Green mixed salad with French goat cheese log, flower blossoms and pomegranate sauce)

    • Green salad with Pastrami and Quinoa

      (Green mixed salad with pastrami from Drama, quinoa, dried fruit, walnuts and pomegranate cream sauce)

    • Horiatiki Salad

      (Tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, olives, capers, feta Epirus P.D.O. and extra virgin olive oil) (Vegetarian – Gluten free)

    • Salad ……………

      (Mixed green salad, with freshly marinated tomato chutney, handmade oregano pesto and caramelized nuts) (Vegan – Gluten free)

    • Spicy

      (Red and white cabbage, carrot, celery, pickles, capers and pickled hot peppers) (Vegan – Gluten free)

    • Spinach salad

      (Salad with baby spinach, Katiki Domokou, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, dill and handmade basil pesto) (Vegetarian)


    • Risotto with duck and quince

      (Risotto with duck confit, quince and citrus fruits)

    • Risotto with forest mushrooms

      (Risotto with forest mushrooms and Frangelico)

    • Risotto with king crab

      (Risotto with king crab, smoked pancetta and …………. Graviera cheese with truffle)

    • Risotto with squash and Romanesco broccoli

      (Risotto with squash, Romanesco broccoli, lime and vermouth)

    • Shrimp linguine

      (Linguine with shrimp, fresh tomato, herbs and Pernod)

    • Tagliatelle with chicken fillets

      (Tagliatelle with chicken fillets in a pink yoghurt sauce seasoned with basil and black garlic)


    • Armenian Shish Kebab

      (Served with mini pita bread, grilled tomato, peppers, onion and parsley)

    • Beef Entrecote

      (800gr-1kg, from Greek cattle breed with trilogy sauce: barbeque sauce, pepper sauce and herb mustard sauce)

    • Beef Tagliata

      (Beef rump. Served with aromatic salts and roasted baby potatoes)

    • Chateaubriand

      (Beef fillet 600-700gr from Greek cattle breed, with mille-feuille of roasted vegetables, salt trilogy (salt flakes, lemon salt, smoked salt) and aromatic olive oil)

    • Chicken fillet

      (Fillet from organic Greek chicken.  Served with zucchini spaghetti and lime sauce) (Gluten free)

    • Greco Negro Black Pig shank

      (Black pig shank with caramel sauce flavored in black beer. Served with potato cooked on ember, yoghurt cream seasoned with black garlic and herbs)

    • Guinea Fowl

      (Slow cooked guinea fowl, with apple puree and sauce made from the juices flavored with hazelnut liqueur)

    • Juicy beef patties

      (100% ground beef of Greek cattle breed. Served with mashed potatoes and feta sauce)

    • Lamb fillets

      (Matured Greek lamb thigh cut into fillets. Served with baked potato) (Gluten free)

    • Organic veal liver

      (veal liver up to 120gr organically grown. Served with salt trilogy (fleur de sel, lemon salt, smoked salt), pepper mix and lime sauce) (Gluten free)

    • Pork Stable Steak

      (pork steak from 800gr-1000gr, from Greek pork breed. Served with fresh French fries and mustard sauce flavored with herbs) (Gluten free)

    • Ribeye

      (Aberdeen Angus Uruguay, 300gr. Served with fondant potatoes and sauce trilogy: pepper sauce, barbeque sauce and herb mustard sauce)

    • Stuffed Black Pig steak

      (Greco Negro black pig steak stuffed with mushrooms and berries, in a sauce from its juices flavored with Bergamot orange)

    • Stuffed lamb schnitzel

      (Lamb schnitzel stuffed with Leveti kaseri cheese and fresh truffle in a cereal crust. Served with fresh mashed potatoes seasoned with Metsovone cheese)

    • Tuna Steak

      (Tuna steak with sweet and sour sauce and quinoa salad)

    • Turkey burger patties

      (Lean patties from turkey thigh mixed with herbs and olive oil. Served with mixed green salad and steamed rice)


    • Broken Baklava

      (Kaimaki ice cream with ……………, pistachios, walnuts and phyllo dough)

    • Broken Mille-feuille with aromatic lemon cream

      (French puff pastry with ……butter and aromatic lemon cream)

    • Cheesecake with berries

      (Cheesecake with berries)

    • Chicago

      (Vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate sauce and caramelized nuts. Served with a cold shot of Vinsanto)

    • Deconstructed apple pie in Madagascar vanilla soup

      (Vanilla soup, apples cooked on ember, spices and crumble)

    • Ice cream: Madagascar vanilla, Belgian chocolate, Apple pie, Lemon Sorbet

    • Mocha

      (Vanilla ice cream with espresso)

    • Mont Blanc

      (Chestnut, rum, chocolate) by Alexandros Miliopoulos

    • Traditional sweets of the day

    • Triple orgy chocolate mousse

      (White chocolate mousse flavored with Madagascar vanilla, milk chocolate mousse with tonka and bitter chocolate mousse) by Alexandros Miliopoulos


      Accompanied with 1 soft drink and 1 scoop of ice cream in a cone

    • Beef burger patties

      (100% beef. Served with freshly hand-cut French fries)

    • Penne

      (Penne with fresh tomato sauce)

    • Penne with minced meat

      (Penne with 100% minced beef and fresh tomato)

    • Souvlaki

      (2 pork souvlaki 100gr, mini pitas, freshy hand-cut French fries and sauce. Comes with 1 drink and 1 scoop of ice cream on a cone)



Time and place

Tuesday – Sunday: 13:00 – 00:00
Chimaras 7, 14671, Nea Erythraia